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New Horizons

So since my last post I’ve been playing with that resin printer.I’ve been learning the settings and trying different test prints, with a couple of

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Playing with a new toy!

In my last quick update I mentioned getting a resin printer and I’ve had a little play about now.  The main picture is the Deadpool

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Website revamp

Had a bit of fun this morning, checking out popular blog website designs for inspiration and gave this one a bit of a tidy up

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Pens For Sale

At the moment I'm making some changes which mean I don't have a pen gallery available at present.

If you want a pen that I've already made and want to see the options, or want a particular pen, drop me a line at the bottom of the page.

About Me

I'm Mike Shepherd, a Geordie who re-located to West Yorkshire a few years ago to be with my partner.

I've dabbled with photography, gothic digital art, 3D design and 3D Printing, mould making and casting and playing with anything electronic and interesting.  Pen making has pulled all of these together and I'm having fun with it!  Family and friends are wondering how long it lasts until I move onto a new hobby.....
Why not drop me a line?