Reborne Art is a name I adopted quite some time ago when I used to create gothic digital artworks, but because I change hobbies so often is now used for all of my creations and designs.
I have played around with photography, digital art, 3D design and 3D printing, crafting and moulding and laser etching – these have now come together in my latest hobby of woodworking and pen turning.
Now that you’re here, please feel free to have a little browse around my little corner of the internet where I’ll try to keep you up to date of my little designs and creations………


A small delay

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that for a little while we’ve been unhappy at our home since new neighbours moved in.  We’ve

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Bug Fix

Visitors may have noticed before now that my website has been showing in the address bar as unsecured and hasn’t had an https: prefix.I’ve previously

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Doing my bit

It’s been a crazy week! Here in the UK it’s (for me at least) been week 2 of the govt instructed lockdown, week 3 of

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I’m Mike Shepherd, a Geordie who re-located to West Yorkshire a few years ago to be with my partner.

I’ve dabbled with photography, gothic digital art, 3D design and 3D Printing, mould making and casting and playing with anything electronic and interesting.  Pen making has pulled all of these together and I’m having fun with it!  Family and friends are wondering how long it lasts until I move onto a new hobby…..