British Weather

Dang you, British weather!

We Brits just love talking about (and complaining about) the British Weather, don’t we?  The mainstay of conversations where we have nothing in common with

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Is it bad?

My last Youtube video has done a little better than I thought it would…. to the point that instead of just posting it and not

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Over 250 Views

Over 250 Views!

OK, I’m quite a realist – I know that in the grand scheme of things 250 views is a drop in the ocean – but

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Camera Bar 3D mockup

Sorry, I don't have a pen gallery available at present as my pen making was mothballed over the winter.

If you want a pen that I've already made and want to see the options, or want a particular pen, drop me a line at the bottom of the page.

I'm Mike Shepherd, a Geordie who re-located to West Yorkshire a few years ago to be with my partner.

I've dabbled with photography, gothic digital art, 3D design and 3D Printing, mould making and casting and playing with anything electronic and interesting.  Think there's something interesting I should be doing, or want to know more about a project? Why not drop me a line?