I’m pretty bad at console games in general. The likes of COD? Forget it, I’m killed within seconds. My problem is that my thumb seems to be a bit heavy handed – I go to move sights a few degrees and end up looking somewhere to my left or my right. Heck, I only finished GTA V last year.
So, when I’ve been given Cyberpunk 2077 for xmas, my old nemesis comes to the fore. I want to do well in it, but again I’m making targeting an arduous task.
My solution? I’ve made little joystick extenders for my controller. It has interchangeable joysticks, which are quite short – so a bit of measuring and designing, I’ve made some that are about 3cm high and should translate the longer thumb movements into more precise aiming. I’ve test fitted them and they’re fine, but haven’t used them in battle yet.
Wish me luck!

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This is the first iteration of my Elite Controller joystick extensions.

The file below contains 3 different joystick configurations and the bottom section alone which fits onto the joystick stub.


These files are provided for educational purposes only and I offer no warranty either expressed or implied.
It is your responsibility to check any files and hardware before use, and usage of the files and code is your agreement that I will not be held accountable or responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

Apologies, but I am unable to offer any kind of technical support in relation to this project.