Vampire Hunter Kit - Painting Key

Vampire Hunter Key

You now have the vampire hunter kit as pictured above – it should consist of the 6 listed items.  In the unlikely event that this is not the case, please contact me for replacements.

Contents and Painting Key

Please see the guide of items and suggested colouring below; this is only as I imagined it when doing the modelling. Obviously the final painting result is entirely in your hands!  

A – Mirror. (45mm x 35mm)
I visualised the mirror as having a traditional wood frame with gold highlights. For human victims you can use it to detect breath (just like in the movies!) and for verification of vampires being real.  It’s a traditional silvered mirror and has seen lots of action.

B – Wooden Stake (47mm x 6mm)
The stake has a cross burned into it and a hank of string wrapped around it to improve grip and stop it slipping when the Vamp is writhing around it.

C – Holy Water Bottle (20mm x 10mm)
A cork-sealed bottle of holy water for that final line of protection.

D – Holy Bible (40mm x 30mm)
This leather bound Bible has seen better days and at least one close call, hence the scratch marks and battered edging.

E – Crucifix  (48mm x 21mm)
A vital addition to the kit.

F – Mallet (48mm x 30mm)       (Provided in 2 pieces for easier painting)
Battle scarred and well used, this has a wrapped handle for better grip and lead metal end caps on the wooden head for that extra impact as it drives the stake home.

(Measurements are approx)

This product is 3D printed using water-washable resin and is provided in an uncoated condition.  While I have taken every precaution regarding normal cleaning and curing, if you have, or suspect you may have, allergies or conditions relating to resin then please avoid this item or take necessary safety precautions.

This kit is currently only with yourself, a test painter. I would be very grateful for feedback on improvements or anything that makes the kit particulcarly challenging (in good or bad ways!)

The guide above is only as I imagined it – I’d also like to see individual interpretation!

Many thanks!