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The Sparkly White One

In my last update I mentioned the white sparkly pen that I made the body for then realised I didn’t have silver hardware to go with it.  Well, the new pen kits arrived, and now that it has been received by its new owner I can post this picture.  As usual with anything sparkly, the photo doesn’t do it justice! 
I like it so much I can easily see a similar one coming in a different pen design quite soon.

The Harlequin Progresses

I’ve now cast the second set of cubes for the Harlequin pen.
It’s a terrible photo which was taken in a hurry – when I got it into the computer I found it was out of focus and overly bright. (Note to self : wear glasses when using camera!)
But it gives you an idea, and I’m quite looking forward to getting the cubes sanded down and glued together. 

Insomnia Coffin

Last night I woke up in the early hours, for some reason just wide awake and couldn’t get back to sleep.  4am probably isn’t the best time to start a resin casting, but that’s what I ended up doing.
I’ve never cast in this mould before and went for a technique of dusting the inside edges and all of the bottom with Purple dust and pouring in a flat black with just a touch of charcoal powder.  Quite pleased with it, although on one edge there was a tiny air bubble. (You can see it better in the photo than in real life – on the leftmost top edge in the picture).
It’ll make a nice trinket box somewhere in the house 🙂

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