Scootering on

So after a few years of it sitting in storage, I bought a new battery for the scooter. For those who don’t know, I have an old Vespa which I sort of fell out of love with after a minor spill on a newly resurfaced road.

Anyways, got the new battery fitted, popped some petrol in, and after a few moments of whining about it, she decided to start. The tyres needed a bit of air, so after pumping them up I gave her a quick run twice around the street. A little check of systems, and the only obvious thing at this point is needing to check why the horn isn’t working.

So, now I just need to bring her home, get her cleaned up and sprayed where she has a few scratches and…. Well, I’m about 80/20 that I’ll be selling her on. Let’s see what happens. 😃

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