Quick Update

Nothing major to update this week.  Obviously like everyone else in the UK it’s been an isolation week with just a couple of essential shopping trips and staying in the house.
While everyone in my FaceBook pen making groups seem to be ploughing through projects, suprisingly I’ve done very little.  I’ve got a couple of projects I’m still working on, but again haven’t gone past the basic steps with them.  Let’s see what happens tomorrow…..
In the meantime, stay safe people, stay indoors and lets look after each other by keeping away from each other 😉

Actually, no, I lied!
I completely forgot that my new Arduino Uno board and CNC Shield arrived during this week! I’ve got my Ender 3 3D printer that does most of my work these days, and the Ender 2 (which decided a while ago it was going to just start being a pain for no reason) has been sitting there – so I’m going to utilise it’s hardware to make a larger laser engraver than my little Neje unit.  So I’ve had some interesting(!) fun trying to learn how to do that. Just waiting for the new laser to arrive and I’ll be trying it out!

OK, as you were, nothing more to see here 😉

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