Quick update

Sorry, once again it’s been AGES since I updated here – last year in fact!
So, Happy New Year!!
What have I been up to? Nothing much, yet quite a bit. I’ve had a frustrating couple of weeks as the screen went on the new resin printer.  While the tech support for it were polite and pleasant, as they’re based in China it was literally one email per day back and forth, so despite it happening just into the New Year, I’ve only received the new screen today.
It’s fitted though, and a test print seems to be working great again. 

I’ve been designing some game pieces for a friend, but have literally took a 2 minute time out from this and realised I might have spent ages going in completely the wrong direction. Hmmm.

I’ve put the normal 3D printer to some use and made a curing chamber for the resin prints. It’s a little 3D printed turntable running with an Arduino programmable board and a small stepper motor, with a cut up 3L plastic pop bottle sitting over the top which has UV led’s wrapped around it, covered in tin foil to save my eyes and reflect the light back in on itself. That currently sits on the desk looking like it should be on an Elon Musk launchpad. 

I think that’s it for the moment, as usual I’ll try to remember to update you on something interesting soon 🙂

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