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Playing with a new toy!

In my last quick update I mentioned getting a resin printer and I’ve had a little play about now.  The main picture is the Deadpool figure I mentioned – it’s actually 5cm tall, I gave it a quick brushover with silver paint to pick out the highlights a touch which in this photo has actually detracted from the detail a little. Anyways, the quality is amazing (and I’m not even running the highest quality settings yet!)

Saturn V !!

Here it is! The first Saturn V resin print!
This is amazing!  The actual size is just over 1cm across, and the detail is perfect!
Yes, you can see some edging cleanup needed on the jets, but to give it some perspective the tops of each jet is just 3mm across…. we’re looking at about 1/10th of a millimetre of edging there!
Now I just need to work out how to do the rest of the pen!

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