Photogrammetry Update
3D model of photogrammetry Gargoyle

Photogrammetry Update

The last couple of days have been a bit stressful; I wanted to add a page for my photogrammetry work that would be a way for you to see the actual models I’m producing.
I know it can be done, I’ve seen it on other sites, but there are very few utilities that actually do it.  I’ve spent a few hours trying several of them, each having slightly different ways of working, uploading models in different formats and getting nowhere.  Research into the issues also shows lots of other people with the same problem.
Eventually this morning I’ve found one that worked.  It uses 3D models in a different format to any that I use so I will have to convert them, but that will give me the chance to amend them to make them load faster for you.

Watch this space, I’m aiming to complete this and get a couple of them online by the end of the Bank Holiday weekend!

Have a good one!

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