Photo Booth Progress
Updated Arduino Diagram

Photo Booth Progress

I’ve had an idea for the photo booth.  I was working on an idea that would move the camera up after each object revolution.  To do this properly, the camera would have to be on an arc shaped rail to keep the same distance from the object in order to maintain the camera focus settings.
I’ve had a brainwave though.  Instead of moving the camera and having to design a whole mechanism that sits on the tripod, why not move the booth instead?
If I put a fulcrum at the back and move the front up and down it can be done with just 1 more motor.

This has meant some changes to the circuit.  I had just been adding wires into connectors without worrying which one they were in, as you assign that in the programming.  If I’m going to have another stepper motor in the mix it needs four together.  I’ve moved some wires and re-programmed it ready.
Oh, I’ve also pillaged the buzzer out of a £1 shop kitchen timer and when it’s completed a rotation it now makes a nice beep-beep-beep noise 🙂
I’ll have to get an updated video on here soon!

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