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Noble, Gisi Blanks and Simple Wood

I seem to have developed a few nemesis pens that just won’t go right for me; the custom pen I’ve been working on for a friend for a while, the Saturn V pen and all of the Noble style pen kits.
The Noble kits just aren’t a lucky one for me; I’ve had tubes stick halfway in when gluing, lost kit parts, numerous blank failures when drilling and turning… the list seems endless.
Until today! A simple Black Walnut design, I glued the tubes of this one with a slower setting glue that expands slightly as it sets.
I also used a new sealing finish on it which is a home-mixed one that’s quite popular at the moment; a mixture of denatured alcohol, French polish and Tung Oil.
Tung Oil alone dries quickly but gives a matt finish.  French polish dries glossy but takes a while to dry.  Mixed together, the denatured alcohol works to help them combine.  Left alone it separates, so needs to be shaken before usage each time…. but I like the finish it gives 🙂 

Gisi Blanks

There’s a particular style of blank called a Gisi blank – I believe I’ve mentioned these before when I did a white one.
That last one followed a long route, where I 3D print the blank outline, cast it in silicone to make an outline mould, cast that in resin then filled the outline with different colours.
This time around I’ve printed five new designs – these two are very similar and would probably work well as the body and cap of a single pen.  I’ve filled the 3D prints directly with the same colour scheme and I’m quite looking forward to turning them.
Obviously the first image is the actual items, the second is a 3D simulation of them turned down.

Simple wood slimline

I’ve had a few new things that I’ve tried go wrong lately, so did this nice slimline just to lift my spirits and to try out the new polish described above.
Can’t remember which wood it is, I just picked one up and worked it 🙂

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