Sometimes I remember to take pictures as I work on a pen.

This is where I’ll be posting them with a bit of explanation.

February's Pen - Valentines Day (2019)

Each month I’ll be creating a project pen based on the special celebration in that month.
January was a really nice pen idea that unfortunately I didn’t get finished in time due to my little accident with the saw.
I’ve been planning this one for a little while in the 3D program, but it’s took some time to get it into reality due to running out of silicone to make the mould and then resin to cast it.

But here it is, starting to take shape – I’m not happy with this one as it seems to have drilled out a fraction out of line so the hearts aren’t exactly in line as they should be.  (This is starting to become a common thing. I need to find a better way to get them to drill out accurately.)

I haven’t got any decent pictures yet of the final result, but I’ll pop that in shortly!

UPDATE : Well the final result didn’t happen!  I messed up a little and decided not to assemble it after all.  I still love the mould and the effort that went into this, so will probably try again in the future.  And the ‘pen a month’ thing didn’t last either, mainly due to Covid hitting, then us moving house.
Maybe next year? We’ll see!


Custom Pen Order

A short time ago I made myself a pen the same as this one.  Unfortunately due to a mistake in setting up the lathe the body of the pen was out of line and didn’t meet up with the tip section correctly. I still liked the pen itself and it’s my personal everyday use pen.
A work colleague liked it, so when she wanted to purchase it and I couldn’t let it go when it wasn’t right, I had the opportunity to re-make it.
After measuring the wood against the tube I measure back in slightly from each end, marked them as shown and cut the ends off.  Marking them this way means the ends go back on so the grain of the wood matches.
Small squares of plastic are sanded to roughen them up and glued into place, held in a clamp before being drilled and having the centre tube glued in.
Once on the lathe it’s trimmed down as normal, and polished.  I’ve started using a new method of polishing where I give the blank a layer of thin CA glue as if it was being finished but then sand it back to the wood.  The glue sinks into the wood fibres when applied giving a nicer finish throughout the sanding process.
The original has a CA glue finish giving it a rich, shiny gloss – this also gives the pen a more ‘plasticy’ smooth finish.  Lately my pens have been getting different treatments to allow the textured feel of the wood to come through, but I had to stick to the original for this one.  So glue applied, very fine sanding to get the gloss finish before polishing and assembly.

Added 02/12/19