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Euro beads (Pandora type beads)

Just a very quick update. It’s quarter past 11 at night, I’ve been playing with a couple of things. One is the first test models for a camera jig idea (currently printing) and the other is one of the essential steps to creating the custom Euro Style beads that I want to do.

Yes, adding something like hair can be done directly into the bead mould, which I suspect is how most people do it. I can see that as being quite fiddly with the potential to weaken the mould and shorten its lifespan.

My idea is to have a small silicone moulding to cast the object(s) around which can then be inserted into the bead mould. Unfortunately I’m adding this from my phone and it’s not uploading the pictures, so I’ll have to add them later, but my idea was to have a silicone cone shape to start the moulding around. I 3D printed it, but needed to be able to actually have it made of silicone…. Whereas normally I would cast a silicone mould around the printed model.

Yes, I could have printed it in negative and filled the 3D printed mould, but I felt that this would be more difficult to remove and really wanted to try something new. That dental alginate I was talking about yesterday.

I created the alginate mould (a little messy, the powder is very fine but has a nice minty smell). It doesn’t have much work time, so when set I had to get the silicone in there quite sharpish. The good news is, it worked. I’ll get the pictures on here tomorrow.

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