The mundane goings on of my adventures in my little pen-world.

Mr Pricklepants The Video!

So here it is, the thing you didn't even know you were waiting for!A little montage video from the garden camera, with an audio track featuring a song written especially…

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Meeting Mr Pricklepants
Mr Pricklepants, our resident hedgehog

Meeting Mr Pricklepants

Wow, over 2 months!  Sorry for the delay in getting back on here, it's been a busy time!We've now moved into a fabulous 200-year old cottage with a lovely garden. …

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A small delay

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that for a little while we've been unhappy at our home since new neighbours moved in.  We've found a new property which…

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Bug Fix

Visitors may have noticed before now that my website has been showing in the address bar as unsecured and hasn't had an https: prefix.I've previously spent some time following guides…

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Doing my bit

It's been a crazy week! Here in the UK it's (for me at least) been week 2 of the govt instructed lockdown, week 3 of working from home; a week…

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A new idea in the pipeline

Just a very quick one before I call it a night tonight.I'm currently into the 6th hour of 3D printing my next little project piece – using the same motor…

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Quick Update

Nothing major to update this week.  Obviously like everyone else in the UK it's been an isolation week with just a couple of essential shopping trips and staying in the…

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Modified Slimlines

You've seen plenty of my slimline pens where the kit is made as-is with the centre band in place.There's an alternative way to make them where the body is a…

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