Book Nooks!

Book Nooks!

The good thing about having a blog that no-one reads is that you can sometimes put things on there without worrying about someone stealing your idea and producing it before you do. 

This is one of those ideas; a Hobbit-inspired book nook.  What’s a book nook?  Well, imagine replacing one of the books on your shelf with a 3D scene from the book…. in this case The Hobbit. 

The original idea was to have the Hobbit hole as it appears in the start of the story.  So, you’re looking down the lane past Bilbo’s house. 

The design could probably have been done quicker by someone who’s spent more time in 3D design, but I did it the easiest way I knew how to.  I sketched out the basic design; made the basic shapes in Tinkercad (see pic below), loaded them into ZBrush to add the textures.  I knew I wanted them to fit together closely, but frankly the only program I can comfortably do that at speed is still Tinkercad – but the textured files were too big for that, so had to be reduced in Blender first.  Got them all fitting together in Tinkercad, then printed.

Sounds easy?  Yeah, that took the weekend…….

Next they need to be painted, and photographed.  ……

Oh, the stop frame? I just felt like messing about,  a bit disappointed the focus went out at the end. 😐

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