Art Gallery

I've been producing digital artwork since about 1985 and the first piece I remember doing was a stencil type image of Alice Cooper. This was on a Sinclair QL with an art program where you literally created the image pixel by pixel.

‚ÄčIn 2000 I started with Photoshop, editing photos and trying to emulate the style of Ansel Adams. I've since lost the images I created then, which were based on photos I'd taken in and around the Newcastle area, but was quite proud of them at the time.

Around the same time I got to know a French digital artist who I admired massively, and still do. He had a completely unique style, which I was very fortunate to acquire from him. It is this style that I have adopted and still use. (I haven't saw any new work from him for years, which is a real shame - even his earlier works surpass mine completely in their impact and technical control of the images).

My relationship with my artwork is a fickle thing; I have fallen in and out of love with it many times over the last 20 years, and have produced my best works at some of the lowest points in my life - yet most of my work I look at now and realise it's actually really quite bad. Obviously I have some which are my favourites and are shown below. Recently have I tried to analyse my creative process more to provide consistent results, and feel I have succeeded slightly in this. Hopefully this will result in some more work going forward that meets my own expectations.