Arduino and Other stuff

Just another quick update.

What have I been up to over the last 2 weeks?  Well, I’ve been playing with little programmable development electronics boards called Arduino boards.  You can use them to attach other electronics to them and program them to do different things.  I’ve previously used them in the cup rotator and mould rotator to turn the stepper motors.

This time I’ve gone a step further.  I’ve 3D printed the parts for a small turntable with a stepper motor attached, and added an infra red LED to it (like you have on your TV remote) to activate a camera.  The way its programmed, it takes a photo then turns the table 12.5 degrees, then takes a photo and so on.  When stitched together, you get a 360 degree picture of your object.  I’ve got some extra things I want to add to that, such as a stop/start button and speed control.

As I type this, I’m printing a little pen stand in clear resin which will attach to the motor instead of the turntable itself, allowing me to get some really nice pen pictures.  

I’ve tried doing some 3D scanning from photo’s, but as of yet I’m struggling with getting solid results (no pun intended!)

I’ve been playing and practicing a bit more with 3D modelling software.

And I’ve created a new intro for my videos using the new square logo that I’ve had on my website for some time.

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