A new idea in the pipeline

A new idea in the pipeline

Just a very quick one before I call it a night tonight.
I’m currently into the 6th hour of 3D printing my next little project piece – using the same motor and circuitry as the Cup Turner (Which I haven’t tried yet, btw), I’m working on something that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet.  I guess that means I might have to video document it a little bit and maybe it’ll be my next YouTube video…..
Anyway, this picture is a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of the 3D design process, and how much complexity it can involve.  This exploded design is after I designed it all together as it will eventually be assembled.  If I think on tomorrow I’ll show it as a temporary assembly, it’ll probably be the weekend before the final build.  

Keep safe and isolated everyone!

Update – 03/04/2020 – 00:38

The printer has continued working today, turning that design into reality.  These are the bits that had been printed a few hours ago, now I’ve made a few updates and little size adjustments which are printing for the next hour or so, then the 2 final small connecting pieces need to print and it’s done.  That circular bit in the middle with the long stick coming out of it has already been re-designed.

I’ve also managed to roughly assemble the outer frame and link it up to the motor – it’s working ok, so the size is right, but the parts that are printing now should finalise it. It’ll definitely need fixed down during use!

So what is it?  I’ll let you know when I’m happy that it’s working, because after that Phase II needs to take place!

…sneak peak….
As I’m fortunate enough to have a screen/tablet, sometimes I do my working out on the computer too….. this makes sure I remember all the changes I want.

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