I’m a digital artist born beside Newcastle and now living in Bradford.  I’ve been working digitally since around 2000, and using my current technique since around 2002.  This is also the time when I adopted the artist name ‘ReBorne’.

Initally I would work on pictures from the internet, but most of my modern works are based on images created in 3D software, though I still get great pleasure working from photographs.  My technique tends to flux depending on my mood and the music I’m listening to when I’m working – even using the same base picture can get radically different results, though there are certain elements that run through all of them.

I don’t print my works myself – I use an award-winning professional company, and have my computer set to their colour settings to ensure that what I create on screen is what you get.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.